Ground Rent Buyers

If you have ground rents for sale we would like to hear from you. We are a property investment company that specialise in the acquisition of freehold ground rents across Britain. We have been buying these types of investments for many years and already own a significant number of properties with 99 years leases and 125 year leases. We will consider small blocks of ground rents but ideally we like to buy ground rent portfolios where a few blocks are involved. We can get back to you quickly if your proposal is of interest so please call us with the details.

All of the properties that we own have been purchased with a long term view. We actively manage our own ground rent portfolio and have been doing so since our companies inception. We deal with the day to to management of our blocks as well as lease extensions and lease amendments. We also deal with the insurance aspect of each block providing good value to our lessees. We pay introductory fees to agents so if you are reading this and know of a ground rent for sale why not give us a call and earn yourself a fee! Each deal is dealt with on a case by case basis so please call us to discuss a proposal.


Ground Rents – Cash Offer Hassle Free Sale

If you agree to sell your ground rents to us we will handle the sale and the section 5 notices on your behalf. We will give our contact details to the lessees so that we can deal with any questions that they may have regarding the sales process and what they have to do if they with to buy the freehold interest.

Section 5 Notices – We Can Serve Them For You

We will contact the lessees in connection with the sale of the ground rents and serve the section 5 notices 5 notices on them as well as deal with any queries that they may have. Once the notices are served the lessees have two months to decide whether or not they want to buy the freehold. If the lessees want to buy the freehold we will tell them how this can be done. If they do not come back to us within the two month period we can complete the sale with you without further delay. We will take any stress out of the sale and will keep you regularly updated by email or by phone.